SOLD: Hifiman He1000se HEKSE w/ Sheepskin Leather Pads Open Back Planar Headphones

**Price: SOLD
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS


Selling a like new Hifiman HE1000se in like new condition. Received these near end of March 2021.

These have some of the most detail retrieval open planar that I’ve ever experienced. I swapped out the SerenityPads with a real sheepskin leather ear pads that balance the sound more than stock ones.

These pads smoothen the highs a bit while giving a +3db to the sub bass and midbass. These pads are brand new btw just installed them for couple hours.Anyone that like the Hifiman sound but found them a tad too bright will be happy with these for sure.

  • Comes with original box and all accessories: 3 cables, paperwork, warranty card

*Asking price is $old Total shipped through Paypal G&S for CONUS only. Price is firm. No trades please I need cash to fund an upcoming purchase.


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