SOLD: iFi Audio Pro iESL

Price: $1,350
Currency: USA
Ships to: USA (CONUS)

Selling my, like-new, functionally and cosmetically perfect, iFi Pro iESL electrostatic-headphone energizer.

I bought this to re-visit electrostatic headphones, but no longer use it given that I now have a HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE and a Mjolnir-Audio Carbon, and am part-way through a T2 build.

The Pro iESL has been discontinued, so they’re only available used now.

You will need a speaker amplifier (I’ve run it on a 10W @ 8Ω unit, but 20W or more would be better), a high-output balanced headphone amplifier or a Pro iCAN to use this.

It can drive conventional dynamic, balanced, headphones as well as electrostatics, but its primary purpose is to drive electrostatic headphones. It has selectable bias voltages (covering pretty much every electrostatic headphone option out there), and selectable AC termination (which primarily affects staging/imaging).

Includes all original packaging, and comes from a pet, child and cologne free home.

Price includes PayPal fees and fully-insured FedEx shipping.

Not interested in trades.

Must have appropriate trade feedback/presence here or on Head-Fi/SBAF/Audiogon etc.