SOLD ifi Pro iCAN Signature amp


Price:* $1850
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS


This is a really really great amp, super powerful (can power the Susvara and HE6 with ease). Tons of features like xbass (great analog bass shelf), tube and tube+ modes to get a little more warmth and distortion from the internal tube (could be rolled if desired), also some 3d holographic features to mimic speakers positioning.

This unit comes with the ifi iPower Elite power supply which is a high end external power supply retailing for $300.


Hi. Why are you selling?

I bought a used Ferrum Oor/Hypsos at the same time and decided it fits better with my Susvara and the rest of my chain. If I didn’t have that opportunity I would keep the ifi, it’s really great.

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That appears to be a great combo as well!

It is and it’s actually even better with the ifi as a preamp with xbass and tube mode turned on but I can’t justify keeping the ifi just for that lol

Sold thanks for looking!