<<SOLD>> Kennerton Odin "Thridi" Headphone in Like-New Condition

Price: $1,650
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

The Thridi is the 3rd and final iteration of Kennerton’s former TOTL headphone. The wood on this headphone is karelian birch.

I purchased this new in February, 2021. After ~150 hours of controlled burn-in, I did some occasional listening. The left driver developed an intermittent problem, so I sent the headphones back to Kennerton. They replaced both drivers under warranty; only the left had a problem, but Kennerton’s policy is to used only matched drivers.

Net/net: this headphone is essentially new, barely used. The new drivers had ~30 hrs of burn-in by Kennerton and ~1 hr of headtime since warranty repair; total headtime before & after repair is <20 hrs. Everything works perfectly & there’s no apparent wear. This is a high resolution planar headphone that scales quite well with higher quality amplification & digital sources.

The original box + all original accessories will be shipped with this headphone, including:

Zippered carrying case with handle on top + an optional shoulder strap

  • 2M balanced Kennerton cable (4-pin XLR jack/amplifier side)
  • 2M single-ended Kennerton cable (6.35mm jack/amplifier side)
  • Kennerton No. 02 pads (slightly warmer/bassier) on the headphone
  • Kennerton No. 01 pads (more neutral) are included

My price for the headphones + all accessories is $1650. That includes Paypal fees and shipping w/in CONUS only.

Please, no trades or lowballs.


Pharmaboy is an absolute stand up guy!