SOLD: Lake People G109-A Headphone Amp, Like-New Condition


I purchased this amp in mid-2016 from Lake People/Violectric’s USA dealer, Power Holdings, Inc. This is the "Anniversary Edition (1986 – 2016), different/better in certain respects than the standard single-ended G109-S.* Note that this amp has 3 gain adjustments available by taking off the cover (I never needed to adjust gain so left it at the factory setting).

  • For more detail on those differences, pls contact me

I’ve always used multiple headphone amps at any given time, so this amp was used only occasionally over the years. After the initial 100 hrs’ burn-in, I doubt it was used more than 50-75 hrs total. Consequently it is in like new condition. There are a couple tiny scratches and one small smudge on the top plate that photographs couldn’t capture.

Lake People is owned by Violectric and this G109-A definitely has the Violectric “house sound” – excellent bass, considerable power and a very musical sound. It easily drove every headphone I’ve tried with it, including the power hog ZMF Ori.

I’ll ship it in the original packaging with the printed manual and original cord.

My price is $400. That includes shipping & Paypal fees in CONUS only.

Please, no trades or lowballs.

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