SOLD: LCD-4 2021, B-stock in Excellent Condition

Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS
Negotiability: Firm

I’m selling my B-stock LCD-4 manufactured and originally purchased in June 2021.

I purchased them from the original owner, and I have the original owner’s proof of purchase from an authorized retailer. Case and accessories (cable, warranty card, gloves) included.

They’re the best headphones I’ve heard by far, but the weight started causing neck issues for me, and I need to find a lighter pair of headphones.

The warranty on the drivers is transferable and will last until June 2024. This is important, because I saw on a forum post (I haven’t confirmed this number) that someone’s out-of-warranty LCD-4 driver replacement cost approximately $1200.

These are in excellent condition, but they are understandably b-stock when you look up-close. See photos: there are various imperfections in the finish on the wood and some worn off finish on the edge of the yolks where the rods screw in and on the lettering on one of the grills. Note: I believe that is a scratch in the ring on the bottom of the right ear cup, either in the finish or in the surface of the wood. From the photo of the side of the cup, it appears to just be a surface scratch, but I wanted to point this out in case you’re concerned about a crack developing. Audeze’s warranty on the non-driver components should last through June 2022.

I’m selling them for the price I paid for them. The price includes PayPal fees and shipping to CONUS. Not interested in trades.

PS, if you happen to be an EQ nerd like me, I used the unit-specific FR measurements provided by Audeze (see photo) to make an EQ profile for this LCD-4 that matches it (pretty closely imo) to my LCD-X 2021 EQ’d with Resolve’s V2 profile. I can send my LCD-4 EQ profile to you if you’re interested.

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Hi, my name is lee. Do you still have the LCD-4 ?

Hi Lee, sorry, the LCD-4 sold on Head-fi. If you want, you can contact the seller Worldsbestheadphones on Ebay and tell them you’re interested in buying a b-stock LCD-4. That’s where this unit was originally purchased. They’re an official dealer, so you’ll get the full warranty from Audeze.

Thanks Ben… I appreciate the quick response.and will contact them. Enjoy your day sir…