Sold: Linear Tube Audio MZ2 and LPS+

Selling my MZ2 and LPS+. Both were purchased from LTA directly over the last few months. They were trade ins, but were checked out by LTA and came with a 1 year warranty. The warranty is only for the original owner, but I will work with LTA on buyers behalf if there’s an issue while either component is under warranty.

Comes with stock tubes, manual, power umbilical and Apple remote (Volume control only)

Asking $1350 plus shipping and PayPal fees if using G&S.

I also have a matched pair of Grant Fidelity 6SN7 SE Treasure Globes and Mullard CV4024 that take this amp next level. I will sell them to the buyer of the amp ONLY for $300 including shipping and PayPal. I’m not interested in splitting them up at this time.

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Local Sale Pending 10/10

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