SOLD: Luxman L550axii

Price: 4600
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Amazing Class A integrated amplifier. Luxman makes some of the nicest gear out there. Looking to cycle out some gear and try new things.

Includes: Original Packaging, remote, and power cord


goddddammmm that’s hot.

just curious if you tried the speaker taps on this to headphones (no attenuater)? If so how did it work out?

Works great with hard to drive headphones. Has the most slam I’ve experienced compared to other amps. Something like a bha-1 doesn’t even come close. Even moreso than ahb2 or pass int25. Slight hum with something like a hd600 but nothing crazy. I generally only want a silent background but it’s low enough that I don’t notice it while music is playing.

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