SOLD: Massdrop x - K7XX (Red) $125

Price: $125
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling my remaining collection of Massdrop “x” series headphones. I bought these primarily for review/comparison purposes and will now be focusing on a different tier of products so I no longer require them:

  • AKG K7XX (Red) - SOLD ($125)
  • Fostex TR-X00 (Ebony) - SOLD ($375)
  • HiFiMAN HE-4XX - SOLD ($140)
  • Sennheiser HD6XX - SOLD ($175)

They’re all in perfect cosmetic and functional condition, come from a pet, cologne, smoke and child-free home, with essentially burn-in hours only usage, and will be shipped in their complete original packaging.

Price includes PayPal fees and shipping.

Must have appropriate presence (active poster) here and/or trader feedback on Head-Fi, SBAF, Audiogon, USAM etc.


The RAAL-requisite SR-1a is already causing some obliteration on your headphone collection! Please keep the deals coming…I’m on the lookout for two specific headphones in your collection.

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And which are they?

shhhh! I call dibs !!! :wink: edit: I’m that jerk that calls dibs and doesn’t know what they are calling dibs on :wink: lol :crazy_face::smirk:

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Abyss and LCD-4 in order of priority.


I already have the Abyss AB-1266 Phi w/ CC Pads (Deluxe Package) listed for sale. Didn’t get to posting it here yet since I figured there would be less interest.

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It would seem (based on the previous post by @Torq) that the phones you’re looking for are in the “tier” on which he’s now focusing. What would he use other than the RAALs for the higher tier focused reviews :wink:)? (But I suppose it never hurts to ask).

Re “asking” and buying @Torq. I assume extra $ for shipping to Canada for the HD6XX?

Would a PM be better?

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SR1a and Utopia and which ever TOTL/flagship planar I wind up with if I don’t keep one of the Abyss/LCD-4 pairing (since I will probably have one). An AB-1266 Phi TC is one possibility, where I have the CC version.

But SR1a and the Utopia would be my staple high-end reference headphones.


HE 4xx is super tempting since I have never tried a planar before ,but…I’ll give somebody else wallet a chance. If I can hold it…

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I thought about that and I know that I’ll eventually get the SR-1a but I’ll have to hold it off for now because I don’t currently own any decent speaker amp to drive them properly.

I can’t believe I missed this! PM inbound…

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