SOLD: Meze Empyrean, black

Price: $2300 OBO
Currency: USD through paypal
Ships to: CONUS

Mint condition. No smoking, no pets, under 40 hours on them. Production in February 2020 bought them in March. They come in their original box, with Travel case, both sets of pads (Alcantara untouched), and the stock 3.5mm Empyrean cable. Potentially can add the Meze Empyrean Copper upgrade cable as well for a few more Dollars.

I’ve been cycling through quite a number of headphones since March and kept the Empyreans as my reference pair for a smooth and natural-sounding pair of headphones, superlinear from all the way down there to around 1k. Planar heaven in that regard. Also the most unbelievably comfortable pair I have ever used. I’m selling to get some funds for other HW. Probably will let my Ether 2 go as well.

I will ship via FedEx or UPS depending on location.


Is your offer still valid? Thanks.


It is. Haven’t posted anywhere else yet.

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Only one way to find out which side of the debate you’re on…


Great cans!!

Lyr 3 + Empys are “magical”…


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email me.

Sorry, can’t change the title, but these have been sold.

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Changed it to sold for ya!

It’s a weird Discourse feature but things can’t be edited after a certain amount of time so in the future you can just message a mod and we can change it for you :wink:

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Thanks @taronlissimore

Thank you for the update.