Sold Meze Empyrean Jet Black

Price: 2200.00
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

I have finally decided to sell my Empyreans. They are truly amazing headphones. They are built amazingly well, look stunning, are by far the most comfortable headphones that I have owned and sound fantastic. They are in excellent condition and come with all original accessories, documentation, and packaging. They have the stock balanced XLR cable. They have just under a year of transferable warrantee left. I’m the second owner but I have a copy of the original receipt that I will send to the buyer in case of a need for the warranty. The only blemishes on anything that I can find are a couple of very minor scuffs on the bottom of the case. The stand in the pics is not included.

I’m asking $2200 with paypal and shipping in CONUS on me.



Man I would definitely pull the trigger but I told myself I’d need to demo the Empyrean first because I might not like it…good luck with the sale tho! I’ll let you know if I change my mind and it’s still somehow available…tho it’ll probably sell quickly

I think @BondDaBoom is interested in this…

They are easy to sell if you don’t like it and hold up resale value. I’ve gone through 5 of them and settled on black version.

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Nice photos…good luck with your sale.

Five pairs? Anything wrong with them? That blows my mind.

Good luck with the sale @rustyrat, sorry to add noise I had to ask this question.


Updated with a price drop.

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