SOLD: Mjolnir Novem Self-Biaising Electrostatic Tube Headphone Amp (located in Canada)

**Ships to:Anywhere

Unique bespoke Mjolnir Novem Self Biasing Tube Amplifer from Mjolnir Audio in Iceland. Birgir is a master craftsman of all things related to electrostatic headphones and amps. Serial number 1.

Retail price is around US$3200. I am the second owner. In excellent condition. Cosmetically, mechanically and sonically no issues. There is a very faint noise floor that can be perceived between songs that is normal with this high output and some tube amps, but certainly does not diminish the listening experience. I have enjoyed my Stax 009, 007, 303 and 404 with it. I have too many amps and need to cull.

Birgir provides excellent support if needed. This amp does not require any biaising as long as you replace the tubes with matched sets, which makes it easy to roll and replace tubes.

Below is what is written about his amp on his website.

"Here is a new amp I have been working on for a long time as a counter design to the normal amps I do. The design brief I had in mind was all tube signal path, warm sounding and using easy to find tubes. Well that led me down a rabbit hole of 4 completely different designs which all were built and tested until I settled on this one. This took years and what started off as an amp to suit the 009’s sort of morphed into a general purpose tube lovers amp. So this one is in many ways similar to the older tube designs of what Stax did in the 60’s, the Sennheiser HEV90 and others but with modern twists. This amp uses two ECC83’s and two ECC99 tubes and a fully regulated power supply and custom transformers. Lots of nice caps in the signal path and high spec input wiring. Sound is nice and mellow sounding but with plenty of presence and power.

The chassis is a bit wild but I had these in stock so why not use them. The amps are fitted with RCA inputs and a passive RCA loop output."

Located in Toronto, Canada.
Price is CAD$2700 which is around US$2200, and does not include shipping or paypal fees, if any.

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Price drop to CAD$2500 which is about US$2030.
Willing to entertain trades for interesting headphones.

Still available serial number 1

Amp still available to be shipped.

SOLD. Thanks. Pls close