SOLD Modified Headamp Gilmore Lite MK2

Price: 335
Currency: USD
Ships to: anywhere

I’m selling my Gilmore Lite Mk2. It’s a great little amp and I’d keep it but I have too many amps and something has to go. This one is a bit special in that it has a number of mods. First, it has the Elna silmic cap mod which gives it a bit more punch power in the the bass in particular. I wouldn’t say that it changes the sound signature, it just gives it the power to push bass when required. Second, the power switch and input selector switch have been swapped. This puts the power switch on the front of the unit and the input selector on the back. This is much nicer than having to do the reach around to turn the amp on and off. Finally, I milled a custom billet front plate for it since the original was quite plain and has labeling for the input selector silkscreened on it. That labeling was scrubbed off for the switch rewire but it doesn’t look the best. The original face plate will come with the amp if you want to swap it back on. The power supply is included, I just didn’t want to fish it out of my setup for the pics.

I’m asking $335 with paypal and shipping in the CONUS on me. Other shipping is on the buyer.




Price drop to $310 shipped.

Price drop to $295 shipped.