SOLD: Schiit Lyr 3 with extra tubes

Price: SOLD
Currency: US Dollars
Ships to: Continental US

Just upgraded my Amp to the mighty Cayin HA-300, so it’s time to sell my excellent Schiit Lyr 3. My Amp is in great condition and have no issues at all. It really is a great amp for its price.

What I’m including with this is:

  • Stock Tung Sol tube
  • NOS Raytheon 6SN7GTB black plate
  • power cord
  • Original Schiit packaging

I also have the Ken-Rad Black Glass '44 for $80 and a '51 Sylvania 3-hole Bad Boy for $90


Ken-Rad Black Glass '44

'51 Sylvania 3-hole Bad Boy


Still available! Price bump, too!