Sold: Schiit Magni 3+

Asking $85 USD paypal plus shipping. (CONUS)

I’ve used this amp for a few months but have since moved to a FiiO A3 since it works better for me.

Comes in the original OEM (ultra-premium cardboard) box with original knob as well as a super excellent premium upgraded aluminum knurled knob (for maximum knobage)

The sleek aluminum chassis provides the most danceable, chocolaty aural experience (chocolate not included). Playing HexaDecimal Genome by BitShifter on my HD6xx, my wife could tell the difference from the kitchen… And I’m not even married! (Wife not included)

Some testimonies include:

“MMmmmmhhh… aaahhh”

  • Knobfeel


  • ZReviews

“It’s the Schiit!”

  • Probably multiple people

In the words of TWRP, it’s:
The Perfect Product
It’s perfect for you
Perfect for your family
It’s perfect for your friends!

So if you’re looking for a Schiit Magni 3+ for $85 USD plus shipping, this is basically your only option.

Get it while it’s HOT!


who else is reading this interested in the knurled knob and where Panzer_applehusky got it? I’m jealous. I definitely want to feel like I’m gripping a barbell while I adjust the volume on my Schiit products. I feel stronger.

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:raised_hand: I too would like maximum knobage for my Magni 3+.


It’s from the Amazon


Electric equipment knobs often just slip on. They have a standard shaft with electric guitars, so one can customize the look and feel easily.

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Those are some knobtastic knobs!

This is the one I selected.


Screw it, I’m going up to 11

PK-0132-023 Speed Knob Set 0-11 Black

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Was finally able to upload a picture.

If anyone has any questions, just let me know.

I was looking for one that went to 11 but failed. Thanks! :joy:

PS: Sorry we hijacked your FS thread @Panzer_Applehusky

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'Sall good. Can’t fault my fellow audiophiles for participating in some quality knob-related discourse.

I’m open to offers too. Local pickup is also an option in Michigan.

I have the Magni 3 (nonplussed) and it really does add only good things. No doubt the plus adds something. Someone should grab this.

Alas, the legend has been sold.

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