SOLD: SPL Phonitor XE - Silver, No DAC - $1,450

Price: $1,450 USD + Shipping
Ships to: Anywhere
Included: Amp + Paypal fees

Silver Phonitor XE, no DAC card

I bought this amp used a few months ago, as I was curious about what an external solid state amp would do for my Utopia vs plugging in directly to the Chord DAVE. The user interface is a pleasure compared to the DAVE - better volume control, and who doesn’t love VU meters! The sound reproduction was also exceptional, but I suppose this amp doesn’t need much of an introduction and explanation around this forum. Still, I have limited rack space, and with my Woo WA5-LE almost always occupying the top rack, I would have to disconnect and lug that amp somewhere else to use the Phonitor XE, and that pretty much just never happened. I would always end up simply plugging straight into the DAVE when I wanted solid state listening.

The amp is in perfect working order with a few extremely minor cosmetic blemishes, including a worn off icon around the standby switch, and small scratches on one side. Those scratches look worse in the photo than they do in person, but I wanted to highlight them for clarity and transparency. Ships in original box.

I’m happy to answer any further questions via thread or DM!


I dont know why but whenever you post your gear pics from in front of that window I keep looking for horses.


No horses. Just a dopey dog. :slight_smile:


This amp has sold! :slight_smile: