SOLD: Topping E30 DAC (Black)

Price: $110
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental US
I just upgraded to a Bifrost Multibit, so I’ve decided to let this one go. It’s in near new condition (9/10) and comes with everything that came with it including: the original box, usb data cable, usb charging cable, and remote.

Please note that Topping doesn’t provide a wall charger. I used an old iPhone charger, and it worked perfectly. I never even took the film screen protection off, so the DAC should look pristine.

I’m asking $110 shipped Priority Mail in the continental US. I’ll cover the PayPal fees at my asking price.

Thanks for looking,

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I already own an E30, but I was wondering if there’s a big difference between it and the Bifrost.

I’ve only had the Bifrost MB for a few days at this point. My BF also has the Unison USB upgrade. The immediate differences I seem to be noticing are a heavier low end, richer textures and more prominent vocals. It’s hard to compare from memory, but I think the BF MB sounds better and more realistic. It’s hard to know if it’s just your mind playing tricks on you though!

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