SOLD - Tubes - Valvo EL84 - Dish Getter's 54' - Matched Pair

Hi All,

I have a matched pair of Good Testing Valvo EL84 Hamburg Dish Getters from 54’. This is the first version of this tube, and is an amazing tube. This tube has tight bass, warm but detailed mids, and extended highs, and is one of the best EL84 ever made. I am only selling because I have multiple pairs. These tubes have about 200 hours on them, and have been checked for noise and microphonics in my Pendant SE and are quiet. This is a great opportunity to get some amazing sounding and very rare power tubes, at a really great price.

Valvo Hamburg EL84 Dish Getters Matched Pair 54’ - $100 with Fedex 2nd day and PayPal fees included. Only selling within U.S.

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