[SOLD ] Unique Melody MEST B/R Mk.1 4.4 mm ($900)

Price: 900
Currency: USD
**Ships to: USA

Hi friends,

As I’m moving in a bit, I, unfortunately, have to downsize a bit of my setup and pick and choose between what gets used most.

Even though I love them dearly, I’m putting up my MEST Mk.1 in the black/red colorway. I believe I’m the second or third owner, but they look pristine and have been babied by each of us.

They come with all original accessories and packaging outside of the foam tips. Happy to include some from my collection depending on what you need.

Shipping to only in the United States with ideally members that have verified history.

PM if you’re interested!


Price adjusted to $900 to more accurately reflect the market.

This has been SOLD. Thanks, everyone!