SOLD [US-TX]: Hifiman Susvara

Price: $3600
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Up for sale is my Hifiman Susvara. I’ve had it for a couple months but I’m looking to free up some cash for other things. It comes with everything in the box and is the 3.5mm model. Thanks for looking!

Price includes shipping and pp.


Ohhhhh Sh**************ttttt !!! I need to look away :pleading_face:


Oh my gawsh! What an unbelievable opportunity! No stahp, no, no… @Audiophool please buy it already

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Dude !!! If I hadn’t bought so much other stuff this year already I could/would… still trying to figure out how I could. hahaha. My dream/endgame set…well one of them :grin:

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You know who’d be interested?.. @Resolve please save us! :joy:

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I would be if I could afford one haha.


Oh my god — I would love these! Perhaps there’s that much loose change in my sofa cushions.

Include the stand and it’s a done deal (I wish) :sunglasses:

What stand is that btw?