[SOLD] Various Gear for sale - Bifrost 2 [SOLD], Mjolnir 2 [SOLD](+ tubes [SOLD])

Bifrost 2 Price: $500 SOLD
Mjolnir 2 Price: $500 SOLD + $150 for NOS tube bundle SOLD
Ships to: USA
Shipping Fees:: I’ll be shipping this insured, and would would prefer to split the fees if possible. Can be discussed via DM if you’re interested in any of the items, as the shipping price will vary by item and shipping destination.

Hi everyone, up for sale is a mix of items I’m trying to move as I’ve collected more gear. The BF2 and MJ2 were purchased last year by me and will include the original boxes, with remote for the BF2 and stock tubes for the MJ2 and their power cords. They haven’t left my desk since I got them and I can’t see any scratches or blemishes on them. I also purchased a number of NOS tubes for the MJ2. This includes:

  • Amperex Los Gatos E88CC pair
  • National branded Matsushita PCC88 pair
  • Telefunken PCC88 pair
  • Tungsram E88CC pair
  • WE396A pair w/ converter for E88CC socket
  • A variety of tube savers/socket risers so that the tubes sit higher in the MJ2

I have sold and bought a few items through here, Audiogon and Head-fi. Please let me know if you need/want any references.

See below for pictures of everything:



The BF2 has sold, but the MJ2, tubes and Ether 2 are still available!

Bump and a price drop!