SOLD: Verite Open Purple Camphor Burl

Price: 2500 + Shipping & Fees
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Hey all,

I am looking to part with my VO Purple Camphor Burl. I am the second owner of these and have owned them for around a year now. They are in great condition, with a slight chip on the chassis on the back. I will upload a photo of this when I get home later.

I ended up selling due to them not getting any head time compared to my other cans and was trying to relocate those funds elsewhere.

These will include the lambskin perforated Verite and lambskin perforated Universe pads. Both are in good shape. I will upload photos of these pads to anyone who wants to see them.

These come with the wood box and an aftermarket cable. I am not 100% sure what brand this is, but its well built and is an XLR termination. I will upload a photo of the cable later when I get home later today.


how are these losing to the Utopia? how? :joy: (j/k). Good luck with the sale, they look great. I think @TylersEclectic needs another purple pair to round out the collection :stuck_out_tongue:


These are sold! Thank you all