SOLD: Woo WA22 (7 months old) in Perfect Condition w/ or w/o NOS tube set

Original owner purchased the WA22 in November, 2018, then put ~90 hrs on it by the time of sale (ie, hadn’t fully burned in the amp per 150 hrs recommended by Woo). He never used the stock tubes & instead purchased a complete set of NOS tubes—also F.S. here (see listing below).

I purchased the WA22 + NOS tubes in early March; installed NOS tubes; then finished burn-in. Due to medical issues I did almost no headphone listening until recent weeks. I estimate this amp & its NOS tube set now have ~160 hrs total time, most it burn-in. The NOS tubes & adapters listed below produce an excellent sound with this amp. Amp is physically perfect, sounds terrific, has no operational issues.

1 - I’ll sell the amp w/o NOS tubes for $1,900. That includes Paypal and shipping w/in CONUS only (shipping will be significant…this is a heavy amp).

 **Note:** power cord not included. Woo amps ship w/o a power cord.

2 - Re NOS tubes: ll sell these as a group, apart from the WA22, for $300, including Paypal and shipping w/in CONUS only. This set includes a 2nd pair of NOS power tubes (“GE 6BL7 GTA VACUUM TUBE PERFECT MATCHED PAIR SHINY BLACK PLATE”).

3 - If you purchase the WA22 + all NOS tubes & adapters: Total will be $2,100, including Paypal fees & shipping w/in CONUS.

Below are the NOS tubes, adapters & what I paid for them: