SOLD - WTS: QDC Anole VX 3.5 - $1250 ConUS


Price: 1250 OBO
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere, but buyer pays outside ConUS
Local Meetup: Orange County, CA

Overall fantastic set of IEMs with the best technicalities I have heard in this price range. IMO, these absolutely compete with similarly priced (used) over ears in the price range. I cant find any defects on these at all (though do note these are much harder to see any possible nicks on than other IEMs because of the shell color, the price reflects my lack of 1,000% confidence in condition) and come with all original accessories. I am selling these to free up some money to try other higher end IEMs.

PS: Sorry for the quality of the SN pics. These are incredibly hard to photograph because of the shell color.