SOLD: WTT: Trade ZMF Verité Closed Camphor Ltd for Eikon or Atticus

Hi Everyone, happy holidays.

Please message me if any Eikon or Atticus owners are interested to trade plus $ for my VC Ltd Camphor. As I grow in this hobby I realize I want multiple cans and I also want some lighter ones and want to experiment with different driver designs. But I do want to stay in the ZMF family with one of the less expensive sets.

My VC were received in September, with mahogany box, OFC cable with XLR end, Auteur and Universe pads. $2799 new. They have been babied, maybe 200 hours of listening, there is one small knick in the paint on the metal cup mount on one side, otherwise mint.

Let me know. Happy listening.


Beautiful :star_struck: @MokhaMark


No longer available, a very friendly and fruitful trade with an established member here, my Eikons are on the way to their new home with me!