SOLD XRK971 Audio NHB Edition Portable Class A Amp

Price: $165
Currency: USD
Ships to: US Conus

I can’t say enough about this portable amp. Instead, i will include Viets Web Store link.…allery-1-1&organic_search_click=1&cns=1&col=1

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And the best for last.
and 32 pages of comments on the d.i.y. forum

This was a huge hit. Loads of kits were sold in that community. I was fortunate to have Viet who designed it and make mine for me. He especially designed to work with my Audeze LCD2s, which this little amp drove wonderfully. The original amps were sold for near $300. This amp became such a huge hit its price kept going up and up. As you will see XRK971 Audio now sells for about $647 and there is only one left. Viet says he will now make custom orders starting at $799

This is what you get in my unit for sale. Custom made by Viet with all the upgrades…
I’m out of the portables for now and only reason for selling. Sorry for all the links and descriptions, but I wanted buyer to know precisely what your getting. Very good condition. A few tiny dings on on side and barely noticeable

I will include 4 rechargeable batteries. I will cover Paypal and Shipping. I want $165

You will need to get charger. They are not much money on ebay.