Sold ZMF Auteur Cocobolo

Price: 1450
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

So, I found a deal on a pair of headphones that have been at the top of my want to try list for a long time and the only way I can pull off getting them is to sell something I currently have. After thinking it over a bunch, I decided I would see what happens if I list my much loved cocobolo Auteurs. If they don’t sell, it’s ok I will stick with them but if they do sell, I will try to grab the other headphones. If the others sell first, I will cancel this listing.

My Auteurs are in very good to excellent condition. They have Auteur pads on them that are in good shape but the foam has slipped just a little. I will throw in a pair of Eikon perf pads that are in great shape as a replacement. The only scuffs I’m finding are the typical scuffs on the corner edges of the gimbals. They come with a ZMF OCF balanced cable. They come in the ZMF display box. The stand in the pics is not for sale. I have limited pics at the moment but can send extras is someone is interested.

I’m looking for $1450 with paypal and shipping in CONUS on me.


Beautiful headphone and an amazing grain! GLWS


Wish I had some money to buy these sweet cocobolos of you!I’m sure they will sell very soon with ZMF November over. Good luck!