Sold: ZMF Auteur LTD African Blackwood

Of the ZMF’s I’ve owned, the Auteur has been my personal favorite. I have two of them now for goodness sake! I started with an Aeolus, then got a VC, and finally two Auteurs, Ash and Blackwood. I’ve decided to stick with one ZMF at the moment, and the Ash Auteur is it. It was a hard choice for sure!

I’m now including both stock cables, XLR and 6.35mm.

I would bet the announcement of the Atrium is depressing interest in the Auteur as well…

This is very likely the case. I’m personally sticking with the Auteur. I am keeping my Manchurian Ash set. The Atrium is intriguing, but I know I love the Auteur!

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