SOLD - ZMF Auteur LTD Wenge

Price: $1300
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere in the Continental US.

For sale is my ZMF Auteur LTD in Wenge wood.

This set is 1 year old, its absolutely beautiful to behold in person and breaks my heart to let it go.

Selling because I need to soften the blow of the VC epoxy sets; wallet can only take so much LOL.

This headphone is in excellent condition and has the best wood grain and wood texture I’ve seen in all the Auteurs I’ve owned in the past. I love the contrast of the steel grille and rods against the black wood, it just looks luxurious; the texture of the wood really elevates its looks.

This set has been well taken care of and polished regularly with the polish Zach recommends and the pads’ and headband/head strap’s leather have also been treated regularly with the leather protection kit Zach recommends.

Included are:

-Wooden case
-Either an OFC XLR balanced cable or Single Ended cable (let me know which one you want)
-Unused Eikon perforated pads
-Wenge Auteur with Auteur perforated pads
-Owner’s card and documentation

Note: The Salire pictured is not included, its just for show.

Free shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Additional Pictures Here


Sold to a user on Headfi.