SOLD: ZMF Eikon (Padauk)

Price: $975
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling (or possibly trading) one of my two sets of ZMF Eikon, finished in Padauk with the original, thicker, grey ZMF chassis, polished-steel hardware and stock Eikon lambskin pads. Weight for this wood/chassis combination is 589g.

Perfect function and near-new looking cosmetic finish (no marks, scuffs or wear that I can see). Kept in a pet, child, smoke, cologne and virus free home.

Slight differences in cup color on the centers are due to lighting and are evenly colored in person (as seen in the left/right shots, below).

Supplied in the original ZMF “S3 6500” case, with standard ZMF flat 4-wire cable in 1/4" TRS termination.


Price includes PayPal fees and shipping.

Possible trades for either ZMF Atticus (ideally camphor burl) or Auteur (camphor burl or ambrosia maple w/ light/un-tinted stain, and polished steel hardware), with +/- cash adjustments as appropriate.

Active membership here and/or appropriate trader feedback required.