SOLD - ZMF Pendant OG w/ Extra Tubes - $1,700

For sale is a ZMF Pendant (OG)


$1,700 + Shipping (likely $80 - $150 in CONUS)

I will cover the 3% PayPal Fee

What is Included:

  • ZMF Pendant Amplifier
  • Stock Power Cable
  • Stock Tubes
    • Rectifier: 1x J&J EZ81 (6CA4 slot)
    • Input: 1x J&J ECC82 (12AU7 slot)
    • Power: 2x J&J EL84 (6BQ5 slot)
  • Zach’s NOS Picks
    • Rectifier: 1x Realistic Lifetime 6AN8 (6CA4 slot)
    • Input: 1x Sylvania Gold Brand 12AT7
    • Power: 2x Raytheon 6BQ5 (tubes labeled Baldwin, and in GE boxes)

OPTIONAL add-ons:
Also available for purchase separately from amp

  • Rectifier: 1x Aero Electronics EZ81 (6CA4 slot) - $50
  • Input: 1x Mullard 12AU7 from 1962 - $50
  • Input: 1x La Radiotechnique 12AU7 from 1956 - $75 – SOLD
  • Power: 2x Telefunken EL84 (6BQ5 slot) - $150 – SOLD
  • Power: 2x Amperex 6BQ5 from 1962 - $100

Tube roller’s delight: All optional add-ons for $125 ($75 off $200)

An esteemed forum member, @ProfFalkin considers the Aero Electronics + La Radiotechnique + Telefunken tubes to be the “Prof Special” for the Pendant.

I’m happy to talk any prospective buyer through the sound characteristics of the above tubes.

I absolutely love this amp, and it’s hard to let it go. For those who don’t follow my posts in this forum, I regularly purchase used amps to try out and compare to my current gear. This one has hung around longer than most items I move on from, as I have waffled back and forth between this and my Woo WA5-LE in terms of which to let go. It’s gone as far as me actually having had the WA5 set aside to photograph and pack up. They’re both fantastic amps, and I like them pretty much equally; they’re just different. In the end, I cannot keep both. So, in what is very much a 51/49 decision between the two, I have decided to offer the Pendant for sale.

It is extremely even-handed up and down the frequency range, with excellent air, control, and detail retreival. It also has a nice, deep soundstage and offers very holographic imaging. It responds well to tube rolling, and most certainly benefits from Zach’s NOS upgrade tubes, or variations of the optional upgrades, to taste.

I will also accept returns for 14 days after delivery should you experience any functional defects.

The amp will be available on this forum only through the end of this weekend (4/24 - 4/25), after which it will also be offered on US Audio Mart and Head-Fi. As always, my favorite forum gets first crack. :smiley:

Additional resources:





Optional Tubes:

Happy shopping! I’d be glad to hop on the phone for anyone with questions about tube characteristics and potentials synergies, so just PM me with any such request. Just remember that my chain is not yours, so experiences will vary.


OMG someone buy this please!! This is gorgeous and a good deal.



Price drop to $1,700. Also releasing optional add-on tubes for purchase separately.


Sale is pending …
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