SOLD ZMF Pendant SE + (optional) $500+ in tubes, more

Ships to:USA
SOLD for $1900
ZMF/Ampsandsound Pendant SE

$1750 is price for amp with stock tubes and ZMF NOS set. $1900 for all tubes listed.

Purchased in May 2021. Including the ZMF NOS set and many other tubes. The amount I paid for the various tubes was a bit over $500 (includes ZMF NOS). Also includes stock JJ tubes.

Upgraded with stainless screws and socket savers

Gorgeous Olive wood.

Basically the Ampsandsound Lee Loo without speaker taps and with much better looking wood. Lee Loo is on sale for $2200, but normally $2900 with only stock tubes and in regular black case.

Not sure if it’s luck or just where I live, but normally dead quiet though varies with tubes, headphones, and even cables.

Original heavy duty case with handle included.

Price includes PayPal fees and I cover half of USPS Priority with insurance.

Tubes are NOT for sale separately.

Included tubes along with stock JJ. Bottom ones are ZMF NOS set.

Additional Pendant tubes included
Most of these have very low hours, as I’m selling those tubes I used most separately. I’ve listed info from original purchase and price paid, along with some comments found online for some.

I’m also selling a bunch of others separately (not posted yet) so let me know if you want any of those and I’ll include them for the price listed minus $3 each I save on shipping.

Virtually all of these were recommended specifically by tube experts on the Pendant thread.

ZMF Baldwin 12AX7 Sylvania New Old Stock in white boxes, specially made and selected for Baldwin, Lowrey, Conn, and Wurlitzer organs. A few are for Motorola instruments, some are blank industrial stock tubes. Very nice audio graded grey plates, all Sylvania USA made. These “audio screened” selected organ tubes are the best-kept secret in the 12AX7 world. $40

Bugera 12AU7 $13

$12 Amperex 12AU7/ECC82, Large O-Getter, Short Plate, Made in Holland
Desirable early production large O-Getter version from 1961.
Date code (very faint): Delta 1J2 Made in October 1961 in Heerlen Holland
Fully tested by calibrated Hickok 539C tube testerwith no shorts, leakage or gas.
Measurement: 1600/2050 where minimum good value is 1950. Low testing, but this tube works as intended with no issues at all.

AZtubes June 20211950’s Sylvania 12AU7 - long black plate (17 mm), D-Getter, USA $35

Tube Depot $48 TORQ Pendant review recommended. code R4D1n 1964 or 74. The NOS Mullard 12AT7WA / CV4024 tube is low noise and long lasting. This 12AT7 tube is a very good choice for hifi preamps, driver stages, and guitar amp reverb circuits. The Mullard 12AT7 is original production from Great Britain. This is the Famous Mullard 12AT7. We mostly have the CV4024 version. The CV stands for “Common Valve” which is a military designator for the British military. Any tubes that were designated for the military, by law, could not have the factory logo on them. Often, CV tubes would be re-labeled after decommissioning so it is possible to see a factory logo on a CV tube. These are the real deal Mullard made tubes. Some of the last ones left, these are great sounding tubes with that old European heritage.
The 12AT7 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC81 tube and can be used in any 12AT7 or ECC81 circuit.
A little warmer than the included tube, with a hint of added liquidity in the mid-range, and an extremely polite treble, but perhaps at the cost of some low-level resolution. Some added tonal weight/richness, but still quick and punchy. Generally leans towards the more classical “tube” presentation without robbing the Pendant of its clarity, tone or resolution. A hair less slam than the other tubes mentioned here, but a little more low-end presence offsets that nicely. Electro-Harmonix 12AU7 EH Preamp Vacuum Tube $13
A premium quality 12AU7 built to match the performance of the military-industrial original GE 6189. Low microphonics and excellent linearity offer a musical and harmonic soundstage, making the 12AU7EH tube equal to the original and a cut above the competition. $25

ebay $31 NOS BRIMAR 4024 - 6060 - 12AT7WA - E81CC - ECC801S - ECC81 - 12AT7 Price is for 1 NOS or very little used tube. Made during the 1950’s. With black “box” plates and O-getter. CJ8 1968 This is the so-called YELLOW-T version as it has the same internal construction. Special low-noise version! hi-fi-tube seller

ebay seller radiatorman12 $15 5814A ( 12au7 ) Triple Mica Vacuum Tube TESTED Strong RAYTHEON & SYLVANIA

ebay seller almondjared $10 Used Vintage Sylvania 5814WA Black Plate Top D Getter Made in USA Tested Good at 90/82 With a Min of 56/56 No Shorts or Leaks 1957

ebay seller vivatubescom $31 CBS Hytron USA 12BH7A Black OVAL Plate Top Fat D Get Vacuum Tube 83/98% Tube Type / Number: 12BH7A Actual Brand*: CBS Hytron, Printed Brand: Unknown
Plate Construction: Black Oval
Getter Construction: Top Fat D
Country of Manufacture: USA
Lettering Condition: 10 Percent
Number of Mica Spacers: 2
Mica Spacer Shape: Saw
Glass Coating: Clear
Engraved Base? No
Notes: Black Chimney
Tested For & Matched By: Gm (General Mutual Transconductance)
Test Results: 38/45
Minimum Good Value: 30/30
NOS Test Value: 46/46
Life Calculation: 83/98(where 65% = fail)


ebay $25 for 2 FOR SALE funkwerk RFT EZ81 NEW NOS TUBES Germany

ebay $30 England, Amperex 6CA4 Bugle Boy Tube. EZ81

Tube Code: B8A 1958 Condition: Tested Strong (Actually Mullard)


D-FOIL GETTER delax777mechanics seller

EL84/7189/6BQ5 (pairs)
ZMF Hammond (Amperex) EL-84 rx3 A9F 1959, A7F 1957 Wien, Austria Halo getters

ZMF Baldwin 6BQ5 NOS in original box and white box. Another legendary USA tube, same quality as the GE. These rare blackplates are the older and considered better type of USA made EL84. A few are made for RCA or organ brands. Seems to be Sylvania, made in USA$30-40

$50 eBay for Pair Amprerex/Everett 6BQ5 EL84 Tubes Holland Tested 100% Matched Everett was part of Hammond, O-getters Code ⊿3A1 1963? (not pictured)