SOLD: ZMF Vérité Closed LTD (Stabilized Maple Burl) - $2,500 (Read Carefully)

Price: $2,500
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA (CONUS)

Please read this post carefully and completely before jumping in with PMs etc.

I am selling one of my two pairs of stabilized maple burl Vérité Closed LTD. This pair was originally used by ZMF as a demo headphone at CanJam NYC 2020. I bought it as a used unit from ZMF immediately following the show.

  • There is a single, stable, wood check on the top of the left cup (see close-up pictures, below). It was present from when these were made. It hasn’t changed in the ~11 months that I’ve owned them.

  • The very tip of the left yokes has one tiny spot where the black paint has chipped. You can see this on “Cups Back” image.

  • Rods are rose gold.

  • The chassis is the magnesium chassis that comes as standard with all Vérité models.

  • Included Pads are Auteur (solid, installed on headphone) and Universe Hybrid.

  • Seahorse Case

  • Your choice of either ZMF stock 1/4" TRS or 4-pin XLR cable.

  • Includes warranty card*, red cable bag, pad-cards.

  • Comes from a pet, child, smoke, cologne and virus-free home.

The pictures of the cups are taken in flat light, with no processing other than a color-matched workflow and cropping/resizing the images. They look as close to the actual headphones, in the same light, on my monitor as I can see. Chatoyance of the cups mean they change appearance/intensity as you move them around in the light - which you can’t really see here.

Your monitor/display and settings will be different.

If you are not running a properly calibrated and color-matched setup yourself (which means you’ve used a colorimeter to profile it etc.), the images will likely look somewhat washed out as most people run their monitors WAY brighter than a calibrated setup would have them.

The close-up pictures of the wood check (four views from different positions … but there is only ONE wood check on the set) have been edited to maximize the visibility of the check (which may cause other artifacts not actually present on the headphone):


This initial listing is to give those that have already asked to buy this set a chance to see both cups, the wood check, and have some time to think before committing to buying. If you’re (still) interested, send me a PM to confirm sometime in the next 24 hours (make sure to include a contact e-mail address). After that I will contact those that still want to buy, and the first to complete the transaction after that will get them.

The $2,500** price is net to me and is what I paid for them originally.

Buyer will pay actual PayPal fees and shipping costs. Shipping options are FedEx or UPS, next day or 2nd day, fully-insured, direct signature required, no exceptions. To make things as quick and easy as possible for me, buyer will pay $2,700 initially and I will refund the difference after fees and shipping immediately upon shipping (if it winds up more than $2,700 for some reason, then you agree to pay the difference).

Sale is final, as-is, and not subject to approval/return.

Must be an active community member, have appropriate trader feedback and/or be known to me personally. Any exceptions will require an in-person cash transaction.

*ZMF warranties are not transferrable.
**I’ve had numerous offers for multiples of that, so I am not taking offers and the price is non-negotiable. Offering more will not get you preferential treatment.


Beautiful cans. May you have a smooth transaction and avoid any and all ass-hats. The cup on the left reminds me of “Starry Night over the Rhone.”


Wish I could. Gorgeous works of art, which also happen (by all reports) to offer a real TOTL listening experience.


@taronlissimore this is your chance! ;0)

Absolutely gorgeous. Good luck on the sale.

These have now sold.

Thank you to all of you that were interested, and apologies for it being more complicated than I wanted it to be.

All future stuff will be simple FCFS listings.