Sold: ZMF Verite Closed Monkeypods

Selling my Verite Closed. These are the prettiest monkeypods I have seen. The left cup has a couple of marks on it and the yokes have some light chipping on the edges. Everything is shown in the photos.

Includes a third party Pelican case since the mahogany box broke, a SE Cable (see below), a ZMF balanced Cable, a second pair of pads, and a Co-Pilot pad (I never used it, it was in a drawer and those marks are from whatever it was resting on.)

Selling for $2000 with ZMF SE Cable or $2100 for upgraded Corpse Cable 10ft Gravedigger Cable (SE) . Includes Paypal Fees and shipping USPS Priority Mail fully insured for purchase price. Sold!

VC Photos