SOLD: ZMF Verite Open - Limited Edition Mahogany + Extra Accessories for sale

For Sale (prices in USD)

ZMF Verite Open - Limited Edition Mahogany
This is a very rare set of ZMF Verite headphones. The wood type is Mahogany and is stained in a reddish tone. It weighs approximately 440 grams.

Includes two sets of pads:
Universe Perforated Leather - Used less than 5 times
BE2 Perforated Leather - Primary use pad

Includes two sets of cables:
ZMF Default 1/4 inch cable
ZMF OFC Balanced XLR cable

Packaged in Seahorse Case

Price: $2100 includes PP fees & shipping costs. USA/Canada.

International buyers - I can neg costs.

Also for sale:

ZMF BE2 Perforated Hybrid - Used twice - $40
ZMF Verite Perforated Suede - Used twice - $40
Lunashops 99% Pure Silver 2M Cable - 4.4mm Termination - $80

I will cover shipping and fees for this item for USA/CAN only.

Bundle all of it together: $2200

---- Photos ----

Silver Cable Pictured Below:

Frequency Response:


I would like to buy them. The only ZMF I haven’t tried,

Gorgeous set! Why are you selling? Just curious…

You may want to remove your email address from the public forum. I’ll PM you in a sec though!


Yea they are gorgeous! I am selling because I am trying to consolidate my collection of gear, and going to buy a new headphone that cost over double this. (so not really consolidating… lol)


Oh, I see! Which one? Or is it a secret… :zipper_mouth_face:?

People have been having trouble pm’ing me. Let me know if there’s a problem.


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hopefully a susvara if they ever come back into stock again. :slight_smile: