SOLD ZMF Verite Open Sapele w/ Magnesium Chasis Upgrade + 2 Pads + 2 cables


Currency: USD
Ships to: Worldwide

Up for sale is a pair of ZMF Verite Open here in excellent condition. It’s a beautiful headphone with incredible TOTL performance. I bought this knowing I’d probably pass it on, I really wanted to hear ZMFs flagship headphone for a bit, as I’m a big fan of ZMF. I listened to this very lightly for a week, I don’t think it’s even burned in yet, it still has that factory clean feel and smell. Pictures can’t really do this justice, it’s a beautiful darker stain than my Aeolus Sapele and the wood chatoyancy is mesmerizing. Owners card is marked June 2021, but these are really only a few months old since it was bought from a AUS distributor.

$2,100 shipped from New Zealand express shipping.

$2,800 USD Total Direct From ZMF + Tax/Shipping
Current Stock Sapele Wood Verite (stunning in person)
ZMF Stock Braided Cable 1/4" termination
ZMF Universe Perforated Pads and BE2 Suede Pads
ZMF Case
ZMF Owner’s Card
ZMF Braided Cable XLR terminaiton (add on)
Magnesium Chasis (add on)