***Sold***ZMF Verite Open Silk Wood

Price: $2,100 (PayPal Family and Friends)
$2,150 (PayPal)
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS (Free shipping)

Selling my Verite Open Silk Wood. $2,100 (PayPal Family and Friends) or $2,150 (PayPal) Free shipping CONUS only. Has leather headband, suede suspension strap, universe hybrid perf pads, and two sets of universe leather perf pads (I like the universe pads :grin:). Stock ZMF cable, wood case, and original shipping box. Almost a year old. In excellent condition. I take excellent care of my things and I’m clean :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
More pics to come or provided upon request.


Why are you selling?

Should be getting a Verite Closed soon and I don’t need two ZMF Verites. I really enjoy these but I don’t like to go too crazy in this hobby.

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That’s fair. Report back on how they compare!

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Good luck w/this sale! That’s a particularly beautiful silkwood VO.

I have a silkwood VO & must comment to those who might say, “I’d rather hold out for a ltd. wood VO.” I find the sound from my VO to be so refined & musical that I wouldn’t change a thing. The sound is fabulous; can’t say enough about this particular headphone.


Yeah they’re really good. I enjoy them a lot, but I can’t keep these and the VC (whenever it arrives).

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Late in 2019 I had loaner VO & VC in my system for 2-3 weeks. The VO was love at first listen–it did everything right for me. The VC was extremely impressive, immediately obvious that it’s the best closed back I’d ever heard.

The only reason I didn’t go for the VC is that closed backs in general aggravate migraine & tinnitus. Pretty much the only one that doesn’t is the ZMF Ori (probably because it’s a planar). Except for that, I would’ve had one helluva difficult choice to make!


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I’m not sure what you mean by “isolating your music from others” (on the VC). Can you explain?

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My wife could hear exactly what I was listening to across the room with the lcd-xc. Which, unfortunately, meant I couldn’t keep it. There was zero point to the closed back. It leaked music about as much as the lcd-x.

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Ahh–now I understand. I might be the wrong person to ask, since I customarily listen alone in my home office.

But I can tell you the Verite Closed was one of the few times (the ZMF Eikon was another) where I heard so little of my immediate environment while I had the headphones on–it was like being in an isolation chamber.

At one point wearing the VC I got a real jump-scare when my wife walked into the office and said something to me. I didn’t hear her open the door & enter & didn’t hear what she said–she put a hand on my shoulder and I nearly had a heart attack.

VC is a very closed/isolating headphone IMO.


That’s good info. Now I just need to figure out how to try before I buy. Always the problem with ZMF.

To bring this back to the Verite Open, which @Rhodey is trying to sell, I too have a Silk Wood VO, which is my daily driver. It works well for both classical and rock/pop but I think the combination of warmth, speed and detail is exceptional with rock. And when I’m not listening to it, I love gazing at it.

I agree with @Pharmaboy that holding out for a LTD just deprives you from experiencing a TOTL headphone that already has a natural beauty.


Buying used is the ultimate way to try stuff out, because you lose very little if you decide you don’t like an item and move on from it (provided you didn’t massively overpay, and don’t damage it). If you’re super stuck on whether or not you want a VO, and feel this is a fair price, go for it - and if it’s not your jam, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a buyer for it. Disclaimer - I don’t track used headphone prices too closely, so I have no opinion on what this headphone, in particular, would typically go for. I will say that @Rhodey is an active and helpful member of the community, and I’d be happy to buy from him. Heck, I thought about this offering for a minute and then remembered I’m saving for an M-Scaler… :wink:


I agree with @andris. If you’re interested a particular item, just pay attention to the secondary market for a few weeks and you’ll get a good guage on what things sell for. Be a little patient and at worst you’ll have to eat the shipping and PayPal fees in return for the time you spent auditioning them.
Money well spent.


I am not. VC or Eikon is more interesting to me. I comment because I want to hear more about ZMF because I can’t try them. Also, brings a lot more attention to the thread for potential buyers. :slight_smile:

It’s not that, it’s the time and effort spent re-selling (whether I lose money or don’t) that really irks me. I helped someone streamline their ebay/etsy business once. I really don’t want any part of that process. For me, Zach’s 10% re-stocking fee (for stock configurations) + transaction/shipping fees can be more appealing.

I also really like buying new and direct from a reputable source like Zach. If I can get to a canjam, it will answer the question better. I haven’t heard nearly enough cans yet.

Just a personal preference. I am far too picky to put all the work of re-selling stuff on myself.


Thanks and appreciate the kind words.
M-scaler sounds like a great upgrade. Hope you get it soon and enjoy!


I don’t think it’s appropriate to debate competing headphones or the virtues of buying used on someone’s thread selling his used headphones. I know it’s easily done (I’ve done it myself) because it looks and feels like the regular threads, so I wanted to point it out.

Maybe we should leave it as the Verite Open is a great headphone and Rhodey is a trustworthy seller.


I honestly don’t mind. Would rather someone gather all the info they can before purchasing something in this price range. Good to know pros and cons of buying new vs used and getting info on the VC vs VO as well. It’s all good. Appreciate the looking out tho.


It would be fine to have the unrelated posts moved to the ZMF thread by an admin.

I have been known to get off topic. I apologize for that.