SOLD! ZMF Verite Open Silk

Ships to:US

SOLD for $1700

Made in March 2019, I bought in Sept 2019. Leather headband and pads have only 6 months of use. (I swapped out the headband/strap/pads for suede but reinstalled leather for selling). Also included are the black rods it came with.

These look more dark brown and less orange in person than in photos.

Only 463 grams with the stainless rods, which can be swapped out for included black rods to decrease weight another 10g or so.

OFC XLR cable or stock 1/4" and ZMF cleaning cloth. Comes with new Seahorse case.

Magnesium chassis replaced June 2020, so does not have the chipping problems of earlier versions. It has had minor chipping concealed with the touch up pen. Keep in mind Magnesium is a $250 option on current models, so an equivalent new Sapele is $2750.

Serviced by Zach in Sept 2020 and has no problems whatsoever and sounds every bit as great as the Blackwood Verite I replaced it with.

Minor dents/scrapes on the cups, which aren’t very visible in actual use but show up well when zoomed in and with bright light as shown. This is common given how soft Silkwood is and they were like this when I bought them.

One of about 10 headphones I’ve used in rotation since getting them so they have less overall use than the time since purchased would suggest. So used the equivalent of about 4 months of daily use.

I cover any Paypal fees and will split shipping costs via USPS Priority with insurance.


Can i ask why you are selling them ( they have less overall use ), why would that be. Thanks in advance.

All is answered in the listing. If I had one pair of headphones only these all this time, they would have far more use. Instead they have about 10% of that much use, and the pads and headband only have 6 months of use because they were swapped for suede when I got them and switched back to the original leather to sell.

Very nice… love that wood choice.

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