Some Kit (Burson, Senn, Schitt)

Hi all -

Been awhile. Unfortunately, I am selling much of my personal belongings, including my audio gear. I am unsure if I have boxes for some of this and am pricing as such. ALL were purchased from (obviously not the Schitt) and are in nearly new condition. Dust is the only thing, as they have seen zero use in 6+ months. All purchased in 2021.

Sennheiser HD800S (Will come with Hart cable)

  • Paid $1,399, asking $1,000 USD.

Schitt BiFrost 2

  • Paid $699, asking $500USD

-Burson Soloist

  • Paid $1,200-ish, asking $900USD

All products will be shipped on my dime within the U.S.

Pics coming. They won’t be great quality pictures and for that, I apologize.

Pics here.

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Cans here

As an update, I DO have the original packaging for the cans. Can’t seem to find the others but will keep looking.

Also, OG cable will be included, never used. I upgraded to Hart before they even arrived. Those will be included as an upgrade as well, along with an extension chord from Hart.

BiFrost 2 is now SOLD.

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Free upgrade on the Burson. Will include these connectors.

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Great seller. Thanks for the smooth experience @elliot and GLWS on the rest!

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Price drop to $750 shipped on the Burson.

$850 on the HD800S shipped.

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Wow!! That’s a great price for a great set…if I didn’t already own them I’d be all over these!! Glws

Cans sold.
Burson left.

$650 on the Burson to be done. Still comes w/ upgraded connectors.