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STAX was founded in 1938, and in 1959, STAX developed the world’s first electrostatic headphone - introducing the SR-1 in 1960. Today STAX continues their tradition by offering the finest headphones for both professional and audiophile applications.

STAX refers to all its headphones “EARSPEAKERS”; such Ultra-High Fidelity devices for reproducing music can only be compared with the best cost-no-object loudspeakers, not other headphones. The term ”EARSPEAKER” is, therefore, more descriptive of STAX’s contribution to today’s most advanced level of sonic transduction.

This is the thread to discuss the STAX brand and general STAX products.

Since the purpose of the “Headphone/DAC/DAC/Amp Brands” is for individual, specific brand topics, I’ve moved the previous “STAX Discussion for STAX and Other Electrostatics” thread to the “General Headphone Discussion” category.

Stax also made an impressive electrostatic LOUDSPEAKER at one time. They had very robust frames, which helps in planar designs.

I got to hear them at a high end dealer, but never really had a chance to properly listen. Out of my price range.

So, @BrushedAluminum, as most readers here know, I have been enjoying a Mjölnir Audio upgrade of an SRM T1S for almost a year now. It’s really been a godsend for my venerable SR-5N earspeakers, which had previously suffered with an SRD-4 or SRD-6 instead of an actual headphone amp. The SRM T1S has both the old standard bias, which I need, and a couple of PRO-Bias connections as well.

I’ve sort of determined to get one of the SR-L700 earspeaker units later this year. It seems to me that it is at a good price-point in the headphone Stratosphere, not quite up to the Mesospheric or Thermospheric levels of the near flagship and flagship models. I figure it will also pair reasonably well with my current amp, saving me from having to save for a Blue Hawaii or a Woo Audio 3ES.

Your thoughts?

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I’ve heard many people who say they like the L700 and think its an excellent unit and thinks the 007 sounds better and i personally know 2 people who have had L700 and upgraded to the 007mk2.9 and done the mod to seal the port and i have plans on doing something similar to my 006t if the mod done to your T1S is the CCS mod since I also dont wish to spend lots on a 3rd party amp and I currently drive my 007mk1 off of my 006t stock and have no issues that i can hear. Additionally Ive only heard negative things about the woo amps since no protection for the headphones or something to that nature and for the BH i hear it kinda makes the omega series sound off. While you were planning on getting a L700 a used 007Mk1 goes for the 1000-1500 price tag so similar in price as a L700 though you wont have a warrenty and they are already 20 years old. also please take everything i say with a grain of salt since I have only had experience listening to a total of 4 $1k+ headphones LCD-4 HE1000 Utopia and SR-007mk1


Thank you.I plan on buying new, and am not intending to do any mods — at least during a warranty period. So I’ll have plenty of time either to enjoy the sound, or whine with buyer’s remorse. Not sure what my budget will be. I think $1400 or so is reasonable, but will I regret not stretching for a 007? Finally, the old SR-5n is a round STAX; if I stretch for the 007, will I still crave a traditional boxy STAX earspeaker like the anime elves wear?

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While Ive heard from others the L700 doesnt suffer the same fate as the L300 of having Nobass It’s still rather rolled off which also requires a bit of a mod to have completely linear bass as older Sealed Stax do and the 007 being ported brings up midbass and kinda makes the treble wonky so if thats your thing you may like it . though I’m not a fan of midbass disturbing the rest of the FR but Regret is a strong word While I really like my Lambda Nova Signature after hearing my 007 the LNS seems a bit bright but not quite as detailed as 007 But I could live with either id just rather not live without 007. but i think you will probably be disappointed if you get an unsealed 007 and possibly disappointed with an unsealed L700 but its a solid upgrade from an SR-5

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Thanks for your thoughts on this. I’ll probably still go for the L700. From what I can tell, it has almost all of the modern tech from the near-flagship models. Your point about the midbass in the 007 is interesting. I will probably watch the next year or two to see what mods they may end up making.

I’m happy with the SR-5n, but it does not go quite as deep as one would wish. On the positive side it is incredibly light and comfortable. I have always gotten the same light and comfortable feeling from the traditional STAX I have tried. Sadly, I have not had the opportunity to listen to the 007 or the 009 or even a recent L-300, L-500, or L-700.

Living in Lancaster PA, we tend to have a far better selection of tin-can, button, and dental floss transducer tech. It’s a trip to Philly, Wilmington, or New York to even find a higher end audio store. Customer service in the local Best Buy has regressed to the point where someone over 40 can walk around in the store with hundred-dollar bills hanging out of their pockets and be completely ignored by staff, while 16 to 20 year olds are quickly and knowledgeably introduced to the latest Beats product.

The local audio stores are almost gone, or have become home-theater / car audio installers. I did go to Philly to pick up my VPI Prime Scout turntable, but the store I went to wasn’t very headphone-centric. My wife did fall in love with Wilson Audio speakers, however, so the trip was hardly a total loss. There may be a pair of those in the further future.

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I’ve heard that due to the open design and the ultra-thin membrane of the speaker, Stax are extremely sensitive to dust. So much so that they should always be covered or stored away when not in use. What does the crowd say about this? I certainly want to protect this investment.

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Some say dust may cause some squeal. Birger (@spritzer) occasionally reports this on used phones he may refurbish or modify. Scour his website, moljnir-audio.