The Anime Thread

I put it on my watch list a few days ago. Letting some episodes build up.

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Started watching 86 again. Oddly I left it right before a big story line/idea dropped. If I had watched a few more minutes at the time I left it I probably would have finished the rest of the released episodes in short order.

Mieruko-Chan, on Funimation. Horror - comedy anime. Ive watched a bit, might be good. Not really into the horror genre but decided to give it a try.


Nice, it has honestly been my AoT replacement but with less action.

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Just finished S1 of Schwarzesmarken. It’s amazing how the :jp: folks were able to reproduce issues from :de: WW2 while throwing high tech and some aliens into the equation. :laughing:

I kind of liked it actually. :grin:

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I remember seeing this title on Netflix many moons ago but never watched. The animation from the pics look bad…is it?

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Right. It looks like Saint Seiya from the 80s for an anime released in 2016. :grimacing:

I’m not in the same league as you guys. I still can’t see what you see, so I tend to stick with the story being told. If I may throw an analogy with headphones world, it means that I’m still wearing Skullcandy.



Its such a mixed medium for me. If the art is poor I tend to linger on that even if the story is great. The story can compensate a great deal but if you cant animate an anime then go away. The opposite is true as well, great animation but garbage story, ahem, cough Idaten, cough… you are going to lose me too.


Says the guy that finished S1 of it (unknowingly)! :joy:

Btw, great 1st ep of demon slayer mugen train arc. Because the annoying side characters are absent for the most part, it ended up being pretty good.


It was only the last few episodes that went awry and I stayed previously as the art was decent. An unforced error on my part.

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The One Punch anime left out a lot of little things from the manga that would have been so nice to include, like the chapter with Saitama at the police station. Having said that they have been pretty faithful to the source material.


Ok, for some reason I get a real kick out of The Way of the Househusband on Netflix. Little nuggets of amusement.

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Here’s a fun question…

What are some anime you think are good but would hesitate to recommend to other people for whatever reason?

Some from me are:

Irregular at magic high school - sister romantically loves the brother (they don’t actually do anything with each other though). but this probably has some of the best magic and fighting mechanics. it’s well thought out and implemented

Showa genroku rakugo shinju - very niche but one of the best I’ve watched. you just have to trust me on this one

From the new world - one of the most f***** up anime I’ve watched and one of the most memorable (in a good way). reason why I’d hesitate recommending this is because of one ep where everything turns 180 out of nowhere. this was the point in which most dropped it; one of the most unexpected twists

Thats a good one for that question. I liked the series and there is a new take on it from the sisters perspective which I havent watched and probably wont.

I havent seen new world and only started Showa (should get back in to that one). I looked up New World, does it revolve around telekinesis - just asking to make sure I got the right one.

Ill have to think about that question some more. Depends upon what you think might bother people, you could say AoT due to the violence for instance. If some fool actually liked Idaten that could be another due to ecchi aspects.

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I wouldn’t recommend unless you’re a fan of the series.

Yup, that’s the one. Other title is Shin sekai yori…I think I gotta rewatch this now.

No need to overthink, just for the general anime-viewer starting out.

I watched part of the first episode. Its got me interested already. Creepy/sinister vibe going.

Indeed. It does have a good amount of thriller content. When I watched it, I ended up binging it through the night but it was so worth it. Had me at the edge of my seat.

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Well, finally watched the Violet Evergarden movie which I’ve been waiting for for a looong time. Unfortunately, it had been delayed for so long because of the incident with KyoAni studios. Nonetheless, it was just a beautiful film.


The film had 3 minor problems that bothered me a little bit. First, animation was spotty in some scenes but considering this was KyoAni’s first release after the incident, it’s not anything to complain about. Second is that one of the subplots may have overshadowed the main plot just a little bit. The subplot was just packed with so much emotion (yes, I was bawling a bit) that by the time the main plot came by I felt a tiny bit underwhelmed. Lastly, one or two of the characters didn’t get much development.

After all this, I very much enjoyed the movie and it definitely deserves a rewatch down the line. It was worth staying up a bit longer just to finish. A beautiful piece of anime!

P.S. Too bad your watchlist is too backed up to watch this @perogie. hehe


I do need to get to Violet. Just too many good things said about it for me to at least not give it a try. I think one day I’ll just decide to start it and give a few episodes a go.

My watch list can just remain unwatched! Ive actually begun deleting things that either didnt really appeal to me or were overshadowed by other things and probably will never get to. Mostly under the radar shows that were under the radar for a reason.

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I personally think it received a bit too much hype but it was still good.

Btw AoT trailer dropped, though I’m not excited anymore. lol

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Neither am I. Yawn. I’ll come back and watch it when its done.

Be a bitch if they decided to embrace chaos and change the ending!!

I’m really enjoying the One Punch manga.

I’m intimidated by Komi - basically 300 chapters!! I think I just got in to the double digits.

Rent a Girlfriend is becoming annoyingly circular again.

Speaking of something I like but may not recommend: My Charms are Wasted - newish manga, ecchi fan service with questionable morality and world view. Its mindless reading. I think I started reading it because it was new and decided to get in on something on the ground floor, dumb reason to read a series but here we are.

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