The buying experience Thread good or bad

I confirm my purchase. Everything has been pleasant and great. Friendly person too! :slight_smile:


Ugh…How long had you had them?

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Not 30 days. I returned them within the standard return window. They died when I had just gotten in the a90 and a 100 watt per channel speaker amp to try with them. The full story is on various early posts of mine. Right cup stopped playing while on the a90.

I also want to say: Resolve says they have a lot of slam. My experience says they have a lot of slam for an open back planar. Which is to say, not that much. And I am curious about that discrepancy.

I’ve had my HE6se V1 for a couple of years, but honestly, they spend most of their time hibernating in a Pelican type case. I like them, but have heard some folks experiencing problems. I had to replace the pads early on from a tear on the pad seam. They had been barely used. QC issue for sure, but I just installed a set of Dekonis and called it a day.

Glad you were able to get your damaged headphones returned within the return window.

I listened to my Ether CX (drop) last night for a few hours on the Kenzie. They sure sound nice. I hope you’re happy with the set you ordered.

I think it’s really tough to gauge to specific characteristics of a headphone from any single reviewer. Our perceptions are so different. Great slam to me, could be meh to you, and vice a versa. I don’t own a set, but the ZMF Eikon is supposed to have a lot of slam. But it’s not a planar either…


These are interesting to me. I am writing a full impressions post in the near future. They are pretty light on slam to me. The LCD-XC had more quantity. The CX might be the most intriguing headphone I have heard. More when I figure it out. I have only had a few hours of head time with them.

I also have the dt 177x go fighting for head time at the moment. Very different from each other.

Yeah, I agree. But the best reviewers are so spectacularly consistent, like Resolve and Josh Valour, that I can calibrate to them pretty well once I have heard some of the same headphones that they have reviewed. Zeos is all over the place, but I can often trust him for the practical aspects. Particularly with amps/dacs. Never sound though. One of the reasons I joined this community and participate is nearly all the reviewers I found to be consistent are here.

My Zen IEM isn’t planar yet it has all the planarness I desire. I am betting if I step into celestee/clear/eikon and up territory, I will get DD clarity that I hear on the cheapest planars. I am not getting that on the DDs I have tried.

The eikon and verite closed have long been on my list. But, given my practical needs, a crazy expensive IEM is probably a better choice.

Anywho, we all have a journey. Just have to go have our own journey and not expect it to be like anyone else’s.

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Wanted to post positive selling experience with @rollinbr in regards to Auris Nirvana. Great communication, no issues. Thanks


I did buy the Auris Audio Nirvana amp from Roikyou. Communication was outstanding and he went above and beyond with the shipping. Amp was packed in original boxes plus a 3rd box from UPS. Item arrived safely and I’m more than happy with my purchase. Listening to some R.E.M. currently…


I received this today, but I’m pretty disappointed.

After exchanging emails with Justin to verify that I’d get the Black Box with the Load Resistors as the item is described (after being shown by another forum member that they don’t always include them), I opened it up just to verify that he did indeed install them. But, he didn’t.

It’s a bummer because specifically requested them via email (even though the website listing description had load resistors as part of the Black Box).

Screenshot of the listing:



Have you contacted Justin about this first?


I have reached out 2x via email right after I received his response and called about this and yet no response.
It was excluded in error. That being said, I had said in emails that we generally don’t add.
Adding a loading resistor can be problematic esp if someone is trying to use to protect a high power amp. Our loads are small and meant as a safety for low power DHT amps.

ALL that being said, I offered a refund if it is sent back. It feels like there has been a breakdown in communication. This appears one sided and not intended to actually resolve an issue but defame.

AGAIN, please feel free to call me 949-636-9076


I disagree. That said, you have not tired to reach out and resolve but slander or defame me… Return the box and receive your refund or enjoy it.


It looks like this could be resolved on a personal and in private correspondence and not in public. Please take it to direct message… thank you!


I’m unsure of what the issue is here.

It seems like a mistake was made and the vendor reached out to you by both phone and e-mail to try and make it right.

Mistakes do happen as we are all human.


Absolutely. I was simply relaying my experience in an honest and truthful manner (which I can verify). I never slandered anyone, but merely relayed facts.

I’ll refrain from posting on the matter as I keep getting flagged for countering.


These things get ugly quick. I would like to think the people on this forum would give others the benefit of the doubt when they make mistakes, whether they be a vendor or not. Relaying facts is one thing, omitting important ones is another. Seems a fair resolution has been offered, and there’s no need to comment further.


The way the original post is framed, it sounds like you did not get what you wanted and you have no recourse as the vendor did it on purpose without any context.

Based on the comments from the vendor, that does not seem to be the case.

Think it can be dropped as further communication can go between you and the vendor.


Taron, I know - we all know that is exemplary. You prevent the escalation of reaction - as this vendor did not - by your famous return policy. And we all know mistakes can happen, Lord do I know. In my business, I don’t deal with hardware. I deal with people’s money. And I’m keenly aware of how a slip-up can disappoint or magnify in a client’s head. Last week, when my admin was out for personal reasons, I failed to do an ACH on the day that I said I would. The client called (it wasn’t a big deal to him) but I beat myself up over it something awful. I feel that even a small slip could make my client lose trust.

So, while yes, Chris felt disappointment, and possibly a loss of trust, I understand the initial reaction. And regardless of who may have been at fault in a mis-communication, as a business person, I feel the customer is always right. (Unless the situation is crystal clear, and the client is far worse than unreasonable).

I’m not trying to point fingers here. I think that this belongs in a buying experience good or bad thread. As business people, it is our duty to make the experience good. It’s the only way to excel.


Very well said. Thank you for sharing your experience @ValentineLuke


Trust me, I’ve been both a customer and vendor and experienced it both ways. As a customer, I’ve definitely experienced disappoint when my order was not up to my expectations or I received the wrong item. However, I reach out to the vendor to make it right. Their response to fixing their mistake is more important to me than the mistake they made in the first place.

Unfortunately the vendor in question was never given the chance to offer a remedy to the mistake before it was posted online in such a way that it seemed like the customer was stuck with what they got.

As the world shifts to pretty much being “always online”, its very easy to post something and have a narrative form around that post. Oftentimes, there’s no recourse for the vendor or individual the post is related to or a way to respond to that. As a public figure, I’ve been the subject of a couple public posts as well and I know how much it sucks. It sucks that you screwed up in the first place, sucks that you got put on blast for the world to see but it sucks even more that you weren’t given a chance to make it right because you weren’t even aware of the issue.

I agree that it belongs here with the proper context.


I think that some of the point here is your process. Your value proposition is that you have perhaps the best no-questions-asked return policy in the business. That goes a long way to keep those narratives from forming.

I do understand that in a community forum hosted by a retailer that there must be some sensitivity to the situation of other vendors. As a consumer, I might very well want to write something out - and get criticism, sympathy, or even pointed in the right direction before confronting the seller. It might help me to get my head together.

While I do have to worry about my online reputation as others might, that’s a somewhat secondary concern in my business. Clients do not realize that if they complain in any way in writing (think email) that all communications are monitored by compliance, and I must report this to my management (hopefully well before they see it). Luckily, the worst I’ve had is a person complaining about me contacting them for something that was required by regulation. I still had to keep a record of it for 2 years.

Any more serious complaint will find its way not only to our compliance group, but also to the SEC, FINRA, or other regulatory agency. And online concerns? Well I want my BrokerCheck lookups to be 100.0% clean. After all that is satisfied I can worry about what clients may write on a blog.

But I digress. Having good processes, clear communications, and setting the standard before doing business can mitigate most unintentional fouls.