The new HarmonicDyne Zeus with beryllium drivers

Good review thanks. This is still my favorite headphone and the thing that surprises me the most is the odd presentation. like the Helios which i also loved it could be forward yet still have this large sound. that large sound i dont think i can call soundstage since its so forward, so what do you call it? I love that big lively sound. and it seemed to me to give it really good separation. what do you think?

Well, that’s something.

After my disastrous experiences with the Thieaudio Phantom and the Sivga Phoenix in terms of sound, comfort and processing problems, I keep my fingers off these ChiFi headphones.

Since it is an incredibly time-consuming process to restore these parts AND you can’t hear them for a test anywhere outside of China, I will keep my hands off them in the future.

Especially since there are significantly higher quality headphones on the market for the prices quoted.

In-Ears is another chapter where quality is now a little more common.


I found the phoenix improved by the leather pads. its not as dark after.

If you remove some filter material with the phantom their pretty good. especially if you do the other mods with them.

It is very nice that you are satisfied with these headphones, so you shouldn’t feel bothered by my opinion on these cans :+1:.

1.) I have hat size xxl or 63/64 in Europe, these headphones are much too small, even with the headband fully off, they only cover 2/3 of my ear.

2.) Even if I can get them to fit somewhat, due to the size of the ear pads they are at least on-ear and not over-ears.

3.) Can I get the following headphones here in Germany, all of them cheaper and with sometimes much better sound settings:

The Sennheiser’s HD560S, HD600, 6xx …
The Beyer’s DT880 Edition 600 Ohm, TYGR300R …
The AKG’s K-701, K-712 pro …

As long as I have this selection, I will always prefer the headphones mentioned above to a (admittedly good-looking) € 260 China cracker that is difficult to fit on Western European heads, with an, at best average sound quality, in MY opinion.

Believe me, I’ve spent an incredible amount of time “pimping” these headphones.

Foam out, several ear pads thoroughly tested, the metal grill removed, the protective film removed, parts reinstalled, various amplifiers thoroughly tested.

All without a satisfactory result.

In addition, there is this extremely poor processing quality.
The whole headphone feels wobbly and occasionally the ear cups fall out of the holder.

Sorry, but for 360 €, not my thing.

PS.: I kept the cable :wink:

Especially since I have the Hifiman 's: Sundara, Deva, HE-400i …
get significantly cheaper.

And an Audeze LCD-1 is only marginally more expensive here in germany.

All of these earphones are much better processed and sound “tonally correct”.

Don’t be mad, but that’s how I see it :pray:.


Ah i see. I love Chi-fi stuff so i’m always buying that stuff. They are truely doing some awsome stuff these days. like this headphone here. Even DMS seemed to like it lol:

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Just adding my two cents to this.

Here are the measurements done on the GRAS:

I’ve also done some minor EQ tweaks to it, and found it was actually really easy to do. This headphone’s default tuning isn’t that great with a somewhat bloated upper bass and lower midrange, but the rest of it is pretty close to being great. Additionally, the detail and technical performance is very competitive at the price point - and importantly for comfort it’s also fantastic.

My EQ here is mostly optional, with the only real requirement being the adjustments to the lower mids and upper bass.

  • 21hz Pk +3 Q=1.41
  • 60hz Low Shelf +2
  • 100hz Pk -1.5 Q=2
  • 180hz Pk -3 Q=1.41
  • 333hz Pk -3 Q=1.41
  • 750hz Pk -1 Q=1.64
  • 1400hz Pk +2.5 Q=1.5
  • 4200hz Pk +4 Q=2
  • 7750hz Pk -2 Q=3
  • 11000hz Pk +3 Q=3

Here’s how it measures after EQ.

Here’s the review.


Awesome! thanks Resolve. Tell me, what are you using EQ to do with it? More neutrality?

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I guess I don’t really think about neutrality when I’m EQing, but more so ensuring that the balance between fundamental and harmonic is intact for the music I’m listening to. But, in a way I suppose it does aim to get it closer to my ‘reference’. But even then, I know I like things a bit more warm than is probably ‘neutral’.


how would you compare this to a HD660s?

Hd660s sounds better. Better tonal balance.

Have you done a HD 800s to HD 660s comparison? Curious about the HD 660s.

I don’t think the hd660s is worth it when the hd6xx is so much less expensive, and scales better off upstream equipment.

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Thanks. I have HD800s. Was just curious if it offered something different, especially on the lower end. Thanks for the tip on the 6XX.

i personally couldn’t really stand the HD800 compared to the HD660s, i got rid of it on the first week…

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You saved some money on that deal. I sold my HD 800. Still have HD 800S.

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I just ordered the 8XX. Cant wait for it to get here. I hear it has even more detail than the hd800 and 800s

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Can you explain the Pk2, pk-1, etc in eq
Im new to this audio stuff and i just got in my harmonic dyne zues since they sound amazing , i want to apply the midrange eq like yours and so far i got everything except pk

That means peak filter. LS means low shelf. HS means high shelf.

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Understandable, but they have gone down so much in price, open box the 660s go for 250 U$ which competes directly with the Zeus and Sundara, at the same price you would pick the 660s?

For anyone wondering about the Harmonicdyne Poseidon:

The Zeus is better in my opinion, on just about all fronts. The main issue with the Poseidon is that it has significant bass roll-off along with massive bloat/bleed into from upper bass into the lower mids.