Thinning the herd

I’ll ship to CONUS, accept Paypal for payment, but am not interested in trades, unless you want to make me an offer that is absurdly bad for you, yet super-awesome for me!

I’ve worked at Music Direct for 17 years, and have been on H-F for a long time (have very good buyer-seller feedback there).

I have a bunch of stuff I would like to find new homes for, at reasonable prices. I’m working on getting pix and pricing for everything, but will prioritize my time on the stuff that people are most interested in the interest of quick enough sales to have money to spend at the upcoming Axpona show…

Anyway, here’s a list of the stuff:

A&K Kann -silver $700
Hifiman 901 - black, with some extra i-o cables for digital in and out $500
Sony ZX-2 dap in black
Sony PHA-3 dac/amp – may be sold already

Oriolus Mk 2 $650 plus shipping
Unique Melody Merlin V2
Final Audio Heaven VIII $350 plus shipping

Everything works and is in good or better condition. I’ve used the stuff, but have kept it in good shape. None of these have transferable warranty, so you are buying used gear-just so there is no confusion here.

Please let me know if any of this interests you.

Thanks for reading this.


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You’re unlikely to get much interest unless you put prices on things. Consider that a requirement, in fact.


And when you do put a “fair” price on things, expect some 50% low ball offers too…


Yep, there’s almost always some of that.

The best ones are the long winded justifications for why they want you to sell it to them for a fraction of what it is an already very reasonable price. I just ignore them, or respond with one word: “No”.

The other side of the coin are the sellers that list the highest price they can find (often an older MSRP that is no longer relevant) to justify their near (and sometimes above) new pricing ask. Like a local listing for an RME-ADI 2 DAC fs, which suggests they’re $1,200 (MSRP is $1,299 but I’ve never seen one listed for more than $1,099 from any vendor), but they’re readily available, from stock, from multiple reputable vendors for between $929 and $999 … which makes their quoted >$300 saving vs. new a bit of a farce.