Tidal + Best Buy Deals

If you have a Best Buy account you can get Tidal at a discounted price.

3 Months for $3 for any service including family plan to start.
Tidal Hifi 12 Months for $100 to $120
Tidal Premium 12 months for $70-80
Tidal Family for $120 or $180



Great deal - I jumped on it a few months ago (for 1 year HiFi plan).

Another awesome deal (will do it when my Tidal plan expires):
Deezer HiFi free for 3 months - Deezer HiFi | FLAC music and high quality music streaming


I wonder why there are so many deals. Perhaps it is because there are a number of competitors with very close offerings; it is difficult for them to differentiate on streaming levels - everyone seems to be offering a hi-fi or high resolution tier; they all have pretty similar catalogs - and they are becoming more similar by the week. Tidal is trying to differentiate with MQA and 360 Audio. It is not clear if those are winning strategies.

So, if a universal catalog of streaming music becomes a commodity, their main competitive strategy may be on price. Good news for music lovers!

This may force consolidation in the industry. Who will be the last companies standing?

We saw a similar evolution in satellite radio (Sirius Radio and XM Radio). Now we have one offering, SiriusXM.


Unfortunately can’t use on existing accounts.

Yea it wont work on existing active accounts unless you cancel. It worked on my expired account though.

How long were you expired? I was going to buy and let it expire in two weeks.

i had a tidal membership last year but didnt renew it last march.

So you can cancel and then add the pre-paid 12 month subscription?

Or I suppose I could just make a new email, I’m running out, I gave one to my daughter so she could be on the family plan.