Tubes for sale **Offers open**

I don’t have amps for these so I’m selling…
Last time I post these these tubes here.

-Tung sol 6550 new production matched pair. Used 50 ish hours $70

-Melz 6H9C (6sn7/6sl7 sub.) 30 ea.

-Chatham 2399 (Tung Sol 5998) tests great $150

-Tung Sol 1626 matched pair best tube for Kenzie amps. $80

Also, have a pair of either Cetron and Tung sol 7236. $100 per pair.

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Hi there, interested in the GE 6550s. Can you elaborate on the “sliver of glass”? Do you mean loose inside the tube? Nick on the envelope?

Any pics?

It’s unavailable at this time.

Are the tung sol tubes (1626) available?

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this seller. Purchased some tubes from him. They arrived super fast and he was very helpful for my noobness with tubes. I would DEFINITLY buy from him again!

Thanks my friend!

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