Used euforia for sale - Portland


wow nice deal!
if i didnt have the elise already…

Was a really nice deal. If I had the money I would of definitely snatched them up just to try at least

Talked to my buddy that works there yesterday and he was bummed it sold so quickly he didn’t get to try it out.

That price was a great deal especially with the upgraded tubes!

Such a great store. Really like everyone I’ve dealt with there.

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You guys got a great store up there too. Gig harbor audio. Not as much used gear but their selection is tip top.

Line magnetic speakers, DeVore Fidelity speakers with Leben and Line magnetic amps! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I just found out about them. I’d sentenced to work been in wisconsin for a while, just came back to the one.

Seattle hi-if and hawthorne audio are a couple I’ve used and gotten on well with also.

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