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I appreciate that you took a look at it. At this point, I agree. My best digital chains and my best analog chain offer what I feel are technically more or less equivalent listening experiences. I find analog to be generally more enjoyable, and the mastering/production decisions to be better most of the time.

Like you and others here, I find high resolution digital to be at least as good as digital, and far less prone to artifacts caused by mishandling and environmental issues.

That video… I wince at the views of ancient metal stylii (styluses?) and the general depiction of what I am pretty damn sure doesn’t represent the modest VPI Prime Scout/Ortofon 2M Bronze, or even my earlier AR Xa / Shure V-15 type III reproduction capabilities. Not to mention the equivalent treatment it gives to shellac vs vinyl.

And if they’re trying to compare analog v digital, there is always 15 or 30 IPS half inch tape to consider.

And I like your comment about a whole album. When done on vinyl, the bands/producers tried to give thought about that album format. Not so with digital. Digital seems “song” oriented, and vinyl oriented toward a larger piece of work.


This is getting at an adjacent issue. It’s not so much about the medium as the effort and economics of the classic vinyl era.

During vinyl’s heyday, it was hard and expensive to produce viable commercial music. It required studio money, distribution money, production talent, and genuine performance talent. Everyone teamed up, paid up, and made millions of dollars from most of what they released. And during the classic vinyl era there were far fewer entertainment choices and much greater competition for the few ‘star’ slots available.

Per this story, at one time people spent a relative fortune on pop music:

Today there’s much more diffusion of access, and very weak content can be commercially viable (at far lower profit levels). I do find a few art or “indie” productions that put in a high degree of effort to indeed produce genuine, thoughtful albums. But, real albums are not common and not so easy to find. And the economics of the era means that strong producers and songwriters can’t fix the weaknesses of independent artists. Nor are there A&R positions to turn mediocre artists into great ones.


Very nice article. Piracy for music was a bogus issue. Yes, I used Napster, and eventually didn’t. I have a couple of bootleg vinyl albums. That was expensive piracy. Eventually, the cost of physical media - CDR, quality tape, became so significant in relation to digital streaming, that legal distribution just won out.

Which does not explain why I still buy ALBUMS at the same time I spend $20+ per month on legal streaming. I have even found times where I listened to a stream and decided I needed to buy the album. More often an album comes up in re-release that I wish I had bought originally.

I used to - and still sometimes do - read album reviews and buy the vinyl. Storage is a bit of an issue, or I’d probably buy more.


Da-fuq…lol…this thing is ridiculous, I’m not sure I would trust it…


Agreed, but it’s at the end of a long line of ridiculous players.


Wow, I never knew there was such a thing. Interesting read.

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I am enjoying Vinyl more than I thought I would, it makes me slow down and enjoy the “Band”… I am usually a bounce around and listen to random music from random bands/artists… but having the Vinyl playing…When I want to skip a song or move to a different band…it is just enough of a task for me to stop and just let it play…I will probably be more particular about what albums I buy on vinyl moving forward… and choosing albums that have a track list that over all I can just sit and enjoy.

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Yes, that’s the whole idea of an “album”. Although it started with 78’s. Somewhere I have an album binder of Carmen Miranda. And some Gilbert and Sullivan. But changing 78’s is just a bit disruptive so the long play was most welcome.

If you’ve gotten in the habit of listening to songs as single tracks, you will enjoy it as you go back and listen to some favorites in the album context.

Yes, of course I know you know this. But at 11:25 on St. Paddy’s some of us are prone to verbal diarrhea.


ha… yeah, I have had a couple drams of Irish spirits… now time to crash… long day at work tomorrow. Hopefully I can finally get some solid listening time in with some of my new toys… I need to put out some content soon lol.

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Did you get a chance to compare the Mani to the Little Bear?

No rush to do so, just curious what you found if you did.

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It is exponentially better. I finally got some time with it yesterday. My past few weeks and weekends have been…not the most conducive to listening to music, hopefully this week will allow for me to remedy it.

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