WANTED: SPL Phonitor 2, Phonitor X, Phonitor XE

Price: Negotiable**
**Ships to:**Australia. Happy to cover postage.

You can check to see if they ship to Australia.

The total cost shipped to California is $1428.40 USD.

Thomann will ship to Australia (I know plenty of bassists from AUS that have purchased from them), the only thing that you lose over being in EU is the free return shipping in case you want to return it in less than 30 days.

(and of course the shipping is a little more expensive than to Europe)

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Yeah, shipping is the only real issue. It makes sense for a purchase here in the U.S.

The total cost shipped to California is $1428.40 USD. That unit retails for $1999.00 USD, so it’s definitely worth it.

There has lately been a 2 for sale on head-fi for $1000USD. You might check that out. Good luck.

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@SenyorC & @ValentineLuke
Dropping AUD due to pandemic is not helping. So Thomman + shipping is equal to the exhorbitant RRP here.
Will have to look for a used one.

Saw headfi ads 2 days ago and Messaged on head-fi but they are not responding, most probably thinking I am a scamster asking them to ship to Oz :frowning:

Not very active on head-fi hence …

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I reckon best best is wait for A2A to drop a demo model and jump on it. May be a wait though. But they have a history of it. Taurus MK2 was selling for $999 other day.

I will loose the opportunity to make an expensive purchase by then.
My partner is a little emotional given it’s our 10th anni & my birthday in the next month.
Hence allowed me to buy a $3000 amp.

So trying to make the most of it while I can …waiting for A2A sale or clearance on this product might be detrimental :wink:

Btw I am considering the new Conductor 3 as well …hearing (pun intended) good things about it !
Will send your the dimensions today , saw ur msg last night

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All good. Just trying to help. If I had the gr I would buy it myself, so thought you might be interested.

Much thanks dude for pointing me to those sales. Unfortunately not being active & trusted member on that forum is costing me :frowning:

Anyways will keep hunting :slight_smile:

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With the EASTER2020 code bro it comes down to $3150. That’s bloody close!

Dude $3150 is not worth. Needs to be closer to $2500 NEW

hence looking at cheaper options in USED market.
If u convert $3150 its the actual RRP for this device from Manufacturer

It’s not a brand new release to pay RRP
R&d to cost decline curve mate !

Haha. Its true. A2A jacked price up on everything they didn’t want to discount before they “discounted” sitewide. Arseholes.

The Phonitor E looks nice but by the time you spend that much you may as well go the XE surely, don’t miss out on those VU meters.

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I’m also looking to pounce on a moderately priced, used SPL Phonitor X or XE. Been closely watching ebay, reverb, and tmraudio.com. Any other tips are greatly appreciated. My apologies for the ignorance, but what is “A2A”?

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Australian headphone store.

We don’t have many stores down here that sell thing. Basically two headphone stores, and a couple of other hifi stores that occasioanlly sell something headphone related not at RRP.

You don’t know A2A ?
I hope you realise we won’t give you visa to Oz anymore to enjoy our summers here !!!