Warwick Bravura & Sonoma SYSTEM

Price: 6500
Currency: American Dollars
Ships to: Anywhere

Selling Sonoma headphone with the Sonoma M1 DAC/AMP

  • MINT condition Bravura
  • 2 extra sets of unused pads
  • 2 extra cables

The Sonoma headphone is a brand new unused unit, got a replacement after I damaged my previous pair.

Bravura headphone is gently used, looks brand new.

These headphones are exceptional, haven’t heard HE1, but have heard from 3 other headfi’ers that these are the closest you can come to the HE1.

Personally, I have owned all the STAX favorites, running from 2 different versions of the KGSSHV. And they don’t even touch the natural/real-life-like presentation these produce.
Personally I like both the Sonoma and the Bravura, Sonoma sounds more tubey-like, Bravura sound more clear, with better bass control.

Selling because I’m done with electrostatic headphones altogether for now. And want to build my system around the Bakoon 13r and the HE6.

Might be up for trading with well known members here.
Looking for:
Kennerton Thror/Rognir
HoloMay DAC’s
(more) OG HE6’s

Open for other head-fi suggestions too, except Bakoon 13r



When researching my, probably future, “End-Game” headphones, I came across this version of one of the best sound systems on the market.


The Warwick Bravura sounds extremely good and is definitely a future addition to my headphone collection should my ears recover.



But this golden version of the Aperio:




:rofl: :joy: @SenyorC


Yikes! 32k!!! For the non gold model… I better start saving my pennies er Benjamins :money_mouth_face: Gorgeous design…

I do really really like the black edition but 36k?…not gonna happen. Really though, considering it’s one and done …it’s not crazy.

Well it is crazy but it’s not… if you know what I mean.



And I’m not the only one who seems to appreciate warwick acoustic products :wink:


I saw that… really piqued my interest.

Have a new entry in my “must listen” for upcoming Canjam!


At the beginning of May I had the pleasure of hearing the Bravura system in direct comparison with the Stax SR-007 Reference MK ll in connection with the energizer SRM-007t ll.

At this dealer:

The comparison ended very clearly in favor of the warwick, if only because of the, finally, decent bass structure, the actual weak point of elektrostats.

The overall sound is pure musical enjoyment.

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Yeah, errm, I may have to pass on that one :smile:

This listing is not available anymore, delete if possible

perhaps we can get a Warwick thread and move these posts from the classified section? I’m sure many of us are interested in the Bravura and Sonoma so no need to keep the for sale listing open. Is there a mod that can help move the posts?

Pretty cool. Paying a ton for those overkill aesthetics though.
No different than the 130K gold / diamond encrusted Utopia. :upside_down_face:

Just fwiw, the lack of bass on the stax was cause the 007tii has 0 bass at all. 007mk2 has realy solid bass on somethjng with propper power